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Terms of Service
Our terms of service is designed to protect our current customers. Anyone using our website or services is required to follow it.

The Hawkins Internet Terms of Service

Denial of Service
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.

Responsibility for Content
The customer is responsible for the content of one's account. The customer is also responsible for the content of an account of third parties if the customer is providing service to third parties.

Third Party Content
Hawkins Internet takes no responsibility and no liability for the content posted on the Hawkins Hosting website.

Suspension of Service or Cancellation
We reserve the full right to suspend or terminate an account at anytime without notification for any reason.

We provide technical support for users to gain access to their accounts and to provide basic function ability to their accounts and services. We reserve the right to deny support to any customer for any reason. We do not provide support for third party applications, scripts, software, etc. We may charge a fee for providing support beyond these terms.

Network Performance
The services provided are operated on shared resources. Misuse can cause disruption for all customers. We will not be held liable for disruptions of the network and we do not provide an uptime guarantee since such a thing is commonly lied about in the hosting industry.

Failure to pay
The account(s) will be suspended of an customer who fails to pay for their account. If the customer fails to pay within 30 days their account(s) will be removed.

In the Acceptable Use Policy it clearly displays fees that will be enforced on some violations. Failure to pay these will result in suspension then termination of account(s). Additional fees are posted on the website.

We do not refund any additional payment submitted to
Hawkins Internet, other than that of our web hosting plans. We have a no-refund policy on all services except the web hosting plans.

Acceptable Use Policy
The use acknowledges the Acceptable Use Policy. All users are required to agree to the AUP and TOS. Failure to obey these will result in fees imposed, suspension of account(s) or termination of account(s)

We reserve the complete right to revise the AUP or the TOS at any time. All users are required to obey any future revisions. Revisions will be posted on the
Hawkins Internet website.

The user is responsibile for following tax regulations in their specific city, region and country.

You must be atleast 13 years old to use
Hawkins Internet or Hawkins Hosting. If you are between the ages of 13 to 17 you must have expressed permission from a parent to use a Hawkins Internet service.

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